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DJRedman UK as this name only came onto the scene around five years ago,  DJRedman UK has been a  DJ since the age of thirteen. Back then when DJRedman UK first start DJing it was a different ball game all together, it was all about the Music, there was know Egos or one DJ thinking they was better then a next one,  the focus was 100% about learning and adapting on the skills that they had. With the art of DJing changing and of course the Equipment getting more advanced, with of course more  computerized equipment in production, this 100% entice more and more DJs both Male & Female to the DJing world.  With  this evolution  brought alot of contention between 'Old School & New School DJs' with the argument 'Your not a DJ if you never learn on Turntables' we don't believe this really actually matters, DJing is from the heart, to do it is easy, its making it personal to the individual, the art is to do it in your own way!!! This is the mistake loads of DJs Worldwide are making, being generic is a down fall, is safe but that's about it really, if you want to progress further with being a DJ then its all about Practice Practice and yes more Practice, DJRedman UK said ' I remember when i first start and  practicing every single day for know less then 4 hours, this was for around two months! Until i got that one time when my first Mix connected i was not happy, there is know easy way to get better at it! (DJRedman UK) One thing we say be your own worst critic and always be open to criticism from others as it will always happen!
DJRedman Thames Boat Party 2015

DJRedman Thames Boat Party 2015

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